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Apache POI-XWPF (XML Word Processor Format) is an open-source Word library to read and write parts of the Word DOCX documents in Java applications. Apache POI-XWPF is a core Java API and it fits in well for implementing Word processing features. DOC Library. Apache POI-HWPF (Horrible Word Processor Format) was first developed to work with Word ... Apache POI's HWPF can read .doc files, and docx4j could use this for basic conversion of .doc to .docx. The problem with this approach is that POI's HWPF code fails on many .doc files. An effective approach is to use OpenOffice (via jodconverter) to convert the doc to docx, which docx4j can then process. Nov 10, 2016 · As you can see, I am using FileUtils read and write methods and using UTF_8 encoding. That's just a guess, I am not sure about the same. I am trying to append the newly generated docx file contents to a string builder and print the same on console, but that's secondary. Main thing is that the docx should be written properly. But no luck.